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Premier Healthcare

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“My therapy was great. I did things I thought I could never do. This experience was the best thing that happened to me in the nursing home. I came in the nursing home after I fell at home with a fractured foot and wound. I wasn’t very confident and was very scared. But I had a great therapist that had patience in me that I could do it. The staff was the best. I’m going home very confident. I’m going to get even better. So I’m very grateful for all the help and training I received. I’m going to be with my husband and I’m so happy about that.”

Connie Telker
Premier Healthcare of Connersville


“I love this building. The staff is very friendly to me. If I want something they just go get it. They have a men’s breakfast group every Wednesday that I really enjoy. My wife was a resident for 4 years before she passed away. I wasn’t a resident here yet. They took very good care of her.

 I was admitted earlier this year for short-term rehab. I was discharged home on Friday and was admitted back here on the following Monday. That was the longest weekend as I was very lonely. I called my sister Saturday night and told her I wanted to come back for good. On Monday I was admitted back. It was a sense of relief. I considered this place my home and I know my wife did also.”

John Spaugh
Premier Healthcare of Sheridan


“When Sarah Watts was admitted to this facility she could not get in and out of the shower by herself. She could not carryon a conversation, write her name, etc.  She had lost most of her daily living skills due to stroke. She is leaving today 10/19/2016, she can do most everything for herself.”

Beulah Montgomery
Premier Healthcare of North Vernon